Hidden Bar

Hide menu bar icons on your Mac

The macOS design is flawless.

With Hidden, you don’t have to look at those boring icons on your menu bar anymore. This ultra-light menu bar utility will help you to perfect your menu bar by completely hiding icons. Ever feel that the list of apps keep growing in your Mac and along with the icon on your menu bar. They make our menu bar looks so ugly and the simplicity has gone away.
Simple setup
Minimalist Desktop

Compatible with light and dark menu bars

Regardless of whether you are a long-time user, or just a beginner – you will love Hidden Bar’s new interface. Every aspect, every pixel was designed for simplicity. And now you can even choose your preferred appearance from a set of stunning built-in themes.

Automatically hide icons again after five seconds

Icons in menu bar will be hidden after an amount of time after lauching Hidden app. This time interval could be set in the config file.

Start automatically when you log in

Acts as an assistant once you start to work, Hidden’s auto-start feature helps to conduct things instantly without having to open the app every single time.


Toggle icons with a keyboard shortcut

Anytime you open the app by rolling your mouse pointer over to Hidden icon or tapping on title, you’re wasting time and putting unnecessary strain on your hand. The app allows you to create custom shortcuts without even lifting your hands off of the home row.

Perfect your menu bar by completely hiding icons

Having too many things makes it hard to stay focus. Reduce the stress of getting overwhelmed, one icon at a time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 recent ratings and reviews from Mac App Store worldwide
5.0 out of 5
Paulaan - 01/04/2020
Nice tool

Good work

ledienphuc - 13/12/19
Good app

Simple app for making status bar clean

vinhnhq - 13/12/2019
Simple but useful

Please upgrade with a little guide line.

namnhce - 12/12/2019
Simple but useful

I have been used this app a long time. It's good for me.

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