Session Buddy

Get your tabs back in no time

The Accidental Crash

You're working on a research, and finally arrived to where you should be: 9876543 opening browsers - a perfect source of information.

Things turn out great until you hit a button that somehow crashes down the whole thing. The notes, the emails, group chat, tutorial videos. Everything. And the most ironic part? "Restore Option" somehow doesn't even work.

Goodbye thesis; hello internal shriek.

Chill. You're not the first person that went through this scene, and definitely won't be the last. Instead of raging the world, take a deep breath and let Session do its job.

Get it back in No time

Through a system of session management, Session Buddy allows user to restore the accidental-closed tabs, especially when they were opened and closed at the same time.

Manage through
One-click only

Session manages the action of URLs through an extension icon in the menu bar.

  • Auto save when browser is closed
  • Restore URL & groups through session name
  • Add, delete and group URLs
  • Import and export sessions

Modify as you use

In the case of research, all of your tabs might refer to one topic only. Best way to store things all at one and look it back conveniently? Give it a name.

Boost up the Performance

Having less opened tabs drive more productivity. In several ways.
  • To the People: Less opened tabs equals more job done. Having an endless slide of tabs feds us up sometime. It sucks the energy out since we keep running around doing several things at once.
  • To the System: Having too many opening tabs makes RAM become overload. With Session, users can get back to the previous tabs whenever they want, without keeping them in the bar for hours.
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