Vim Motion

Tips to reduce the use of mouses? Get rid of it.

There are many catches to abandon the mouse

To move quickly between lines. Switching from tabs to tabs. Navigate the right element in a second.

To limit the ratio of using mouses, which sometimes can be bothersome and time-consuming, Vim Motion is what we create to serve the need for better productivity.

Vim Motion tutorial video

From Mouse to Movement

Inspired by Vim editor, Vim Motion performs through a set of keyboard and shortcut that transform your keyboard movement in two kinds of mode.

Hint mode

Once this mode is turned on, a set of labels will appear that symbolize the control in the current windows. Depends on which control users prefer, they can type in the corresponding letter.

Scroll mode

This helps users to scroll in a list-view window, by using the letters H - J - K - L that represents ← ↓ ↑ →.

Fasten the Process

It's always better to spend time on the actual work than take a toll on the wrist. Instead of alternatively shifting from mouse to keyboard and vice versa, let's just keep those fingers at one place only.

Less effort, More productivity

What makes the right user

  • Vim users who want to step up their experience
  • People who wish to advance their working pace
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