Hidden Bar

Hide menu bar icons on your Mac

Hidden is an ultra-light application that allows Mac users to hide icons on the menu bar.


Focus on your work

They cause us to struggle with distraction and context switching. which leads to mental health

Micro Sniff

Focus on your work

Remove the concern of sound privacy when you forget to unplug the earphones

Session Buddy

Get your tabs back in no time

Restore the accidental-closed tabs, especially when they were opened and closed at the same time

Auto DND

Keep the notification stays right where it should

Auto DnD's do-not-disturb mode avoids the chance of notification to be shown on your desktop screen.

Vim Motion

Tips to reduce the use of mouses? Get rid of it.

There are many catches to abandon the mouse. To move quickly between lines. Switching from tabs to tabs. Navigate the right element in a second.